Canadian Maple Leaf
Canadian Maple Leaf
Goodbye Beaver Lake
© 2001 Irwin Wolfe
ISBN 1-93120-744-5
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    Irwin Wolfe, author of Goodbye Beaver Lake, regards himself as one of the early exiles from Quebec, a refugee from the madness which has engulfed Quebec society. Born in Montreal in 1938, his first meaningful experience with the written word was in the Yiddish language. His description of a school-bus journey (really just a taxi driver moonlighting with an overcrowded cab) brought tears of laughter to the eyes of his Yiddish instructor.
Mr. Wolfe began writing professionally in 1960 as a reporter and then editor for a chain of weekly suburban newspapers in Montreal. He went on to become Quebec editor for a major chain of trade and business magazines in Canada. He emigrated to the United States in 1965, heading for southern California, where he encountered strange people living weird lifestyles. After a brief sojourn in Whittier, Calif., he hightailed it back east.
     He lived in New York City and area for 22 years, where he continued to write for several years for major trade and business magazines and then entered corporate staff writing and press relations. He eventually realized "that the lunatics were in charge of the asylum" and decided to make his exit. He moved far afield, into the transportation industry and onto the road. "It was a chance to clear my head," he said. During repeated visits to Montreal and while on the road, Goodbye Beaver Lake began to take shape. Mr. Wolfe moved to Florida in 1987, where he still resides.