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© 2001 Irwin Wolfe
ISBN 1-93120-744-5

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   Goodbye Beaver Lake ( © 2001 Irwin Wolfe) is a saga of a society torn asunder by French-Canadian nationalists hellbent on Quebec's secession from Canada. It might be described as a historical/political metaphor, recounting some of the momentous events which have occurred in the Province of Quebec between the late 50s and present day. The story also dips back into the 30s and 40s.
     Goodbye Beaver Lake may also be described as a political satire and a polemic. It is an amalgam of political unrest and intrigue, nationalism, fascism, anti-Semitism and terrorism -- in short, my attempt to deal with what has happened to Quebec and Canada during the course of two generations. There are certain universal truths to be found in the political unrest in Quebec. It is high time that they be treated by literature, something which has so far gone wanting, due, in large measure, to the inherently politically timid nature of Canadians.
      Goodbye Beaver Lake, a novel, is a no-holds-barred attack against the forces who, I feel, are responsible for destroying a once-thriving and vibrant segment of Quebec life -- the English-speaking segment, which has been largely relegated to the margins of irrelevance.
      The story focuses on the Jewish population. It is, candidly, contemptuous of what I think has been wrong-headed political thinking by the French population of Quebec. I make no apologies for this. My story will, no doubt, upset large portions of the citizenry of Quebec. In exchange, I guarantee ample food for thought for Quebec and Canada as well as any reader with an interest in the subject.
     The setting for Goodbye Beaver Lake is, principally, Montreal and surrounding area. Some events occur elsewhere in Quebec and in Ottawa, New York and Washington.